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To travel is to live, because life is not measured by the things one has but the memories one creates. In a globalized world travel is a boon. People have started cultivating this habit of being a travel junkie and going around places which were unexplored a decade before. The travel websites, social travel platforms and the numerous resources to aid a person in his/her travel have flourished like green field and now they instigate in people to take up travel as a hobby as it helps to grow the travel industry. In the hustle and bustle of life when people loose touch with themselves and with their family in order to generate wealth, in such maddening rush, travel is the only respite by which people can come close to their loved ones, explore places, learn new things in life, make new memoirs and get back that source of energy which drains out from their lives in order to earn money. As many places a person visits he/she would have bundles of new experiences to narrate to and treasure as well. Every part of the earth is explored by travelers who have the passion to adventure and they live to discover new places. When the life comes to an end what makes a person satisfied is the beautiful memories that goes with him/her to the grave rather than the wealth which he or she has created. To meet new people, learn their ways, come to know about their cultures and for some days get lost in the beauty of the locales of mother Nature is the best experience one can take with him/her after death. A story about a place, is so much gratifying than toiling day in and day out and live a monotonous life. Life is all about experiences and people who travel extensively all through the places form the best of the kind experiences and such are the people who have the most contended life with so much to gain and very less to lose.
People who harbor this passion, travel in so many varied ways like solo travel, group travel, backpack travel or travel with family and friends. The most interesting and the emerging type of travel is solo travel , wherein a traveler just go alone for a trip to a new place , in this way he/she make new friends and acquaintances. This is a uniquely adventurous way to make one’s life exciting by coming out of the closet and breaking the inhibitions which stop oneself and create boundaries around. Backpack travel is also one of the most popular forms to unleash the treasures of the earth. This is a commonplace in Western countries where travelers, much like nomads chuck their jobs/work for few months and go on a sabbatical and pack their bags and go to places all around for months and don’t spoil in big budget and fancy travel itinerary but rather do a low budget trip. This adds a different type of ecstasy in people’s life where in they have a feeling of leaving behind everything and getting lost in a whole new world.
The unwinding of one’s soul to a plethora of new possibilities is a kind of healing or meditation. Travel soothes the aching body parts that get rusted and worn by the shackles of the daily routine which subjects a person to toil and forget to take care of oneself. Travel for leisure is the sound way of motivating oneself in life. It instigates a sense of curiosity in a person to unearth the unseen and unexplored. The getaways can be just anything be it land or water or sky or snow. Ski diving, under water diving, skiing and so many more recreational stuff that can cause the adrenaline rush are some of the activities that voyagers indulge in.
What an accomplished life it would be that is full of travel chapters, and each chapter narrates a different experience and the raw stories of the infinite world, full of variety of cultures traditions , cuisines and most important the people . The colors of travel are the permanent and they do leave a mark on one’s life.
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